Bonne Année!



Happy new year to all my followers! 2013 has been a physically, mentally, emotionally eventful year for me. From one battle after another on visa issues, cultural differences, language barriers to the gruelling kitchen work- I constantly seek for solace by spending time outdoors and so my blogging has been on the back burner.

The last entry was 6 month ago so here is a quick recap what I have been up to in 2013:

I will endeavour to update L’atelier de Stéphanie a litte more frequently and with more photos.

I will elaborate a little more about my experiences a little later. For now, it’s time for bed pour moi.

Bonne année and bon nuit mes amies!

**Photo credit: Photographer Benoit Tessier



One thought on “Bonne Année!

  1. Happy 2014
    How is Paris and yourself? COMMIS is not a bad way to start. As for me, since last month i was also a pastry commis at MR. MRS. BUND BY PAUL PAIRET. and i should be here for a long long time after learning everything about kitchen culture. Well, i hope you keep up the good spirit and perform with better speed, heh. Wishing you the best during 2014 and years down the road.



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