Mousse aux trois chocolats

If you’re wondering why I’ve been a little quite on my blog well it’s because I’ve enrolled myself into 5 weeks of French school. My hours were 12.15pm – 5.15pm, followed by immersing myself in French music or RFi (Radio France International) while I complete that day’s homework. Yeah, they’re pretty long hours, but I asked for it. I chose the intensive option as I have minimal time to achieve the maximum before I start the first part of my pastry internship, also known in French as stage, (pronounced as sta-ah-zhh).

Five weeks flew by before I knew it. The first week was hard but I pushed through so by the second week I was getting the hang of it. Third and fourth week I felt like I was plateauing. Fifth week I had a mal à la tête (headache) from learning so much in such a short span of time. However, I loved every bit of the challenge. The thought of communicating with the French chefs so I can learn more from them was my biggest motivation.

Before I finished up l’ecole de français my classmates, French teacher and I threw a little petit fête. Everyone brought a little something to manger together. The night before I made chocolate mousse with three different types of chocolates – dark & milk chocolate mousse, Earl Grey tea infused dark chocolate ganache and home made raspberry jam filling.

At our class petit fête:

This is what Karla, Mirna and Isabel had brought. Some home made deliciousness!

More classmates:

Class A2, merci pour le cinq semaines amusantes. J’ai passée un moment fantastique avec vous. C’était vraiment un bon souvenir.

J’espère qu’un jour nos chemins se croiseront et nous pouvons manger des gâteaux et des biscuits ensemble encore.


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