La Fête du Pain

When in Paris, do as the Parisians do. Eat bread. And lots of it!

French breads and baguettes are renowned worldwide so to celebrate this delicious goodness and the boulangeries who provide them, a week long bread festival is held annually in front of the Notre Dame. This year’s La Fête du Pain runs from 13th – 19th May 2013.

I got a little excited so I went in a day before it actually started to suss out what was happening and there was already a bit of action. A fairly decent sized white tent was propped up in front of Notre Dame, housing rows of ovens, bakers, helpers, trays of tartines, baguettes, viennoiseries, pizzas and tourists!

They even had a little activity station to test your sense of bread smells and textures (the yeasty one was the least pleasant!).

The other side of the activity tent was a display of different types of breads from all around the world.


5 thoughts on “La Fête du Pain

  1. Wow, this must’ve been so cool! I was in the states at the time but had actually heard about this annual event through one of the Facebook pages. I was so bummed out I couldn’t be here for this wonderful experience. I’m sure it was great!

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