Diary of a sugar addict #9

12th March: The day before the exam

Before continuing to read this post, I’d like to transport you from your couch, your bed or wherever you are now to the moment I’m experiencing right this instant. You’ll need to click the link below. I promise you it’s not a spam website for penis enlargements (sorry, I think I just killed the moment I’m about to set you in…). I’m linking you to one of my favourite songs that has just started playing as I sat down to blog. It’s put a smile on my face and I’d like to put a smile on yours too. I’ve set it to open in another tab so you’ll hear it in the background as you read (I hope it will work on tablets and mobile devices too!) It’s: Camille’s Le Festin. Ratatouille fans will be familiar with this song! 🙂


My alarm went off and I jumped out of bed to the excitement of completing my practice sugar piece in preparation for tomorrow’s exam. Yes I confess, I am a sugar geek. Yes, I am addicted to sugar. I myself find it slightly disturbing knowing that I went to bed last night thinking about my sugar sculpture and this morning I bounce out of bed to the thought of more sugar. Will I have withdrawal symptoms when all this is over tomorrow? Who knows.

It was the most pleasant day to stay indoors because it snowed all day from the moment I woke up until… wait a minute, I’m looking out my French windows right now and it’s actually still snowing. It seems like the perfect moment right this instant. It’s 10.56pm. I’m in my PJ’s, woolly bed socks and rugged up in a polar fleece blanket. A hot cup of Earl Grey next to me. Tea candles flickering in the dark. It’s snowing outside. It’s warm inside. One of my favourite Frenchy songs, Le Festin, is playing in the background. I am getting the warm fuzzies as I pause to drink in this very moment. After 9 months I still find it hard to believe I’m living in Paris. It’s so surreal yet it still makes me smile from the inside out.

Apart from running down to Monoprix – my local supermarket just literally around the corner, I spent all day at home while snowflakes danced gracefully from grey skies to cobbled streets. And what was I doing? Challenging myself to beat my record 50 minutes for that sugar flower. Making sugar ribbons. Making long twirly thingamabobs. Making petits champignons. And just having Eiffel Towers of fun.

My bags are packed, my lunch has been made, my own exam time schedule set, my exam notes prepared and I’m all ready to go. To. Bed.

Strangely, I’m not nervous. In all my 6 years of university exams, I have never been so calm. En fait, je suis très excité!! Mais pour maintenant, bonne nuit…


Stay tuned for the very last sugar episode…


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