Diary of a sugar addict #8

4th – 10th March

A series of home practice in search of ‘the‘ flower…

If you read “Diary of a sugar addict #7”, you would have noticed that my very last sugar piece was a total flop. Since then I have been a teensy bit discouraged. I also felt a bit lost and unsure of what flower to commit to. So I went a little crazy and spent most days at home making these…

….which I thought were super ugly flowers! I would increase the font size of “super ugly” if I could but my freebie WordPress account doesn’t have this feature.

Back in the days when I was committed to an almost full time sport, when something unfavourable happened like say, maybe I didn’t perform as well as I had wanted to at training or I had lost a competition that I had put in my whole heart and soul, I would storm home and go for a run and a sprint or burn my energy on a skipping rope. It was my outlet, my solace. After that I’d be a happy girl again. So I suppose pulling all those flowers, despite how it actually looked, was my sprint, my run, my skipping rope. It’s not hard to see how I’ve packed on a very winter warming 5kg in the past 9 months. My energy outlet had turned into an energy inlet. Good thing I don’t compete anymore otherwise I’d be in a heavier weight category. Alright I’m drifting, so back to sugar flowers…

After a whole lot of swaying back and forth I decided to stick to my original abstract flower. It’s not that I intentionally want to go against chef’s advice. It’s because I’m stubborn determined. I know it took me nearly 1.5hrs in l’atelier 2 because I was slow, inexperienced and lacked technique. So with a little practice in the week leading up to exam day I managed to slightly improve my petal pulling technique and finish the flower in a record 50 minutes! I was elated by this achievement! And that was when I began to believe in my abstract flower and that the whole sculpture is possible to complete in 5 hours.

Here are a few photos of what went on in L’atelier de Stéphanie the week before the exam.

What an awesome week spent at home!


stay tuned for more sugary adventures…


4 thoughts on “Diary of a sugar addict #8

  1. Steph, you’re amazing! I am loving your posts and can’t wait to hear more. For the record (and from an untrained eye)…they are not ugly, they are sensational.

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