Diary of a sugar addict #7

4th of March 2013: L’atelier 3

Okay, time to change my flower – as advised by chef. I changed the style and redesigned the whole structure. This time I was going for an aquatic theme. Think water lillies on lily pads, lotus flowers and lotus pods…

I already knew that it was going to be risky with the unsupported stems. However, I was willing to take a risk. What’s the worst that could happen anyway?

Ok, so the worst that could happen is the stem and flower toppling over. And it did. Along with that I’d probably also get a low mark. Most of the Leos that I know are very competitive and achieving a mediocre mark is unacceptable. It’s like a punch to their ego (do I have any Leo readers to back me up on this? Or am I only speaking for myself?). Anyway, I was willing to pay that price to satisufy my curiosity. As we all know, “curiosity killed the cat…” and this kitten wasn’t ready to be killed. She’ll later be skinned alive in the kitchen during her internship. But for now, she’s living a dream life, purring over Parisian pastries.

There were a lot of things I didn’t like about my piece. I didn’t like the flowers, the stems, the colouring (the sugar syrup had a light yellow tinge to it so when I added a few drops of blue colouring the ‘water’ became aqua – not quite what I had in mind), the green lili pads didn’t stand out and they broke when I tried cutting it with a piping red hot knife, the ribbons were too thick and pieces kept breaking. The whole thing just didn’t work. But I still had a lot of fun.

So I suppose the disappointing outcome of my sugar sculpture was actually a good thing (I’m trying to stay positive here!). Rather than a punched ego, it was more like a pinch to wake me up, to stimulate my appetite and create more ‘hunger’… to make a ‘more better’ sculpture. You get the picture. I wanted ‘more’. From myself.

And so, the lion was back on a mission… and hungry was she…


stay tuned for more sugary adventures…


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