Diary of a sugar addict #6

27th of February 2013: L’atelier 2

had a dream… Last night I dreamt that the abstract flower I had made yesterday bloomed. And it was beautiful! I think I’m going nuts.

have a dream… I want to recreate the orange abstract flower at today’s l’atelier:

I have a dream...

I have a dream…

L’atelier 2 was an interesting one. Last week I had already shown Chef J which flower I wanted to make and asked him for his opinion. His eyes widened, smiled and said “il est très dur… mais vous pouvez essayer” (“it is very difficult… but you can try it”). He was very encouraging and I knew it’d be a challenge for me but I didn’t expect it to be as much as what I had experienced…

There were a few struggles and I was racing against time. It took me almost 1.5hrs to pull 40 something petals and to stick them onto a blown sugar sphere. Most of the time lost was due to my lack of technique. The petals were either too thick, too thin, too wide, too narrow, kept breaking or looked ugly. If they were all uniform I think I could have totalled about 70 petals in the same amount of time . Anyway Chef J showed me the correct technique and made about 5 petals for me. He made it look so easy and did it effortlessly. It only made me feel like crying because in fact it was the total opposite! Chef J made a lap around class and came back to my end. I jokingly told him that I’m going to cry and go crazy because I couldn’t make the petals consistently. He gave me an “I told you so” smile then proceeded to make one more petal. Very slowly. While he was humming away. That only made me wish I could take my own sweet time. Chef did another lap around the room, came back to my end, saw me working my ar$3 away on the petals and made me a ribbon. He knew I was attempting something completely out of my league. *Merci Chef!!*

Glancing around the room, all my classmates had already made at least 2 roses and other decorative bits and bobs to enhance their piece. And I was still… yep you guessed it, pulling petals. I didn’t even have time to make the mushrooms! *pout* The flower was priority so I sucked it up, finished it, put the heat lamp away, tidied up my work space and began to assemble my pieces together. I managed to finish the whole sculpture with 15 minutes to spare. This was how it turned out:

And here are some of my classmates’ work:

Ok so it wasn’t quite the same as the original abstract flower I had in mind because there were just way too many petals…

At the end of class I was advised by the chef not to make this flower in the exam because it took me too long. A small part of me was disappointed yet the other part excited because that meant bye bye petals! Anyhow Chef D & Chef J were pleased with my friend’s and my final piece so they put them on display in the school foyer with Chef J’s sculptures! I couldn’t stop doing happy dances (in my head).

I was on such an adrenalin rush from racing with time and excitement of the chefs approval I forgot that I had made a friend. On my finger. Allow me to introduce him to you. Warning to all readers! The following photos might make you squirmish…

I slept very well that night.


stay tuned for more of my sugary journey…


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