Diary of a sugar addict #5

25th of February 2013: Blown sugar

We had a class to practice sugar blowing and constructing our flower. At the end of class the support base of my flower broke and the whole flower tumbled and smashed itself on to the table. Ah. So, no photos for blog. And no, not happy that that happened tonight. I went home determined to redesign the base and flower…

———— back at home ———–

I was still annoyed about my flower, how the base wasn’t strong enough and how it lacked integrity causing it to topple and break. So when I got home, I spent hours on Youtube and Google Images and was energised with inspiration. I still really liked the orange abstract flower that Kévin Ollivier of Pâtisserie Rigollot had made for his sculpture in the 2012 Charles Proust Competition:

Sugar flower by Kévin Ollivier

Sugar flower by Kévin Ollivier

It would take me forever to create a flower like that! Also I did’t have the technique to pull petals like that! Without further whinging and doubting, I knew that I had to start somewhere. To get anywhere. So this was how I spent my Monday night…

It was an interesting experience on just pulling petals. Observing the nature of sugar just by molding, pulling, rolling, folding, stretching, I learnt a lot about its ‘behaviour’. If it wasn’t 3am I could have continued playing and creating little decorative bits and pieces.

Anyway I was happy with my first try but I knew that there was still plenty of room for improvement. So here’s the plan: re-attempt this flower in l’atelier 2 to get some feedback from the chef.


stay tuned for the next part of my journey…


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