Diary of a sugar addict #3

22nd of February 2013: L’atelier 1

These “l’ateliers” are 5 hour long workshops designed to train us towards our final exam. We only have 3 of these l’ateliers and today being our first one everyone was just getting a feel of it. I can’t say I had a great time but it definitely was an interesting experience pulling sugar and putting the whole piece together.


I wasn’t happy with my final piece so when I got home I spent the evening searching.. and searching. All of a sudden I had an explosion of ideas and my imagination was like wild fire! The majority of my classmates chose to make roses like what Chef D had shown us but the Leo in me naturally wanted to make something different. So when I came across this flower, I popped my blister, wrapped it up and started pulling petals (the petals are green because I took home the left over sugar from this evening’s class for practice). It didn’t get very much further than this because I struggled to stick the petals on my attempted blown sugar without it breaking.

Before I wrap up this post, I want to say a huge thank you to Talita, for passing on your heat lamp, rubber pump, alcohol burner and all other pâtisserie equipment. It made practice at home so much easier! Merci beaucoup!!


Stay tuned for more of my sugar adventure….


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