Chinese New Year last weekend + a craving for oriental food + a lack of oriental food in Paris + a bunch of Asian classmates away from family was the perfect equation for a pot luck dinner at my place. I left all the savoury cooking to the cuisine (and talented pastry) students for them to spin up: Malaysian and Thai curries, Taiwanese fried chicken and “3 bei ji” (I have no idea how to translate that into English… 3 cup chicken maybe?), “loh bak gou” (a steamed turnip/radish glutinous rice cake with meat and Chinese sausage, sliced then pan fried), Korean pork and Kim Chi, Tom Yum soup…

I just realised I have been staring blankly at the screen for the last 5 minutes reminiscing all the amazing food that night…

So anyway back to my blog. Naturally, I put my hand up to make dessert. Ketayap. Kuih Tayap. Kuih Dadar. Kuih Gulung. No, it’s not 4 different desserts. It’s just that there are so many names for it. Whichever you decide to call it, it’s a soft green crêpe wrapped around caramelised desiccated coconut and are usually found in road-side stalls in Malaysia.

Preparing the pandan crepe batter

Preparing the pandan crêpe batter

The striking green crêpe got it’s colour from pandanus leaves. These long blade-like aromatic leaves are commonly used in South East Asian cooking to add a distinct fragrance to dishes such as rice, curries and desserts. My crêpe recipe calls for whole pandanus leaves (to eventually blend up) but all I found at the Asian grocer’s was this jar of “pandan au naturel congele”. So, modify I did – which really was a blessing in disguise because 1) I didn’t have a blender or a food processor, 2) my mortar and pestle was way too tiny to pound 20 leaves 3) saved me a whole heap of time!

I couldn’t find pandanus leaves so I used this instead – Presqueezed pandan water!

Presqueezed pandan water – saved me a lot of time!

Pandan water, coconut milk & water into the flours

Lightly beaten eggs into the crêpe batter

Pandan crêpe batter

Caramelising the coconut filling

Coconut filling caramelised

Pandan crepe

Step 1…

Step 2…

Step 3…

…and voilà!

Plated and ready to be eaten

…waiting patiently for someone to eat it..

And by the time all these little parcels of goodness were wrapped, my whole apartment smelled of caramelised coconut and pandan. Mmmm…deeeeeerricious!!


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