Tarts with hearts


While I was living in Cambodia early 2012 I met a lovely couple from London. Bridget and Zaf had taken the year off to explore the world and explore the world they did! From the US of A to Columbia, from China to Tanzia and the list goes on…

Bridget’s parents, Frankie and Geoff were coming to Paris for a double celebration (their wedding anniversary and Frankie’s birthday). Geoff was informed that there was a birthday surprise (organised by Bridget while she was in Argentina) for Frankie but little did he know that he was in for a surprise too! So after a couple of weeks of plotting with Bridget and a week of sneaky emails with Geoff, we finally rendez-vous’d at a cafe and that’s when they both received their surprise!

(Tarts from L’atelier de Stephanie: Strawberry and Kirsch crème pâtissière with a mixed berry surprise, Toffee apple & cinnamon crumble and Raspberry & crème pâtissière. Writing and twirls were made with 70% dark chocolate couverture)

Frankie & GeoffGeoff and Frankie with their surprise goodies (photo courtesy to Geoff)

Frankie & IFrankie and I (photo courtesy to Geoff)


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