Triomphe aux Noix

Not a fan of walnuts? Join the club.

When I first heard the name of Triomphe aux Noix or Walnut cake, I had this image in my head: a rectangular block of butter cake embedded with bitter walnuts. Borrrrring…

However unexcited I was about eating making this cake it was still important to pay close attention in the demonstration class in order to reproduce it in the kitchen/practical. A quick glance down the recipe sheet changed my attitude towards this cake. One of the six components in this cake includes a caramel mousse! I’m not going to lie, I did a little happy dance in my head.

This cake had completely surpassed my expectations! The deliciously smooth and creamy caramel mousse on a feather light walnut “biscuit” sponge imbibed with caramel syrup truly was a “triomphe”. Even for a non walnut lover.

The moral of the story: never judge a cake by its name.


2 thoughts on “Triomphe aux Noix

  1. Steph, I was google-ing walnut cake recipe and I was linked to your blog. Hahaha….. This looks delicious! Can u send teach me?

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