Entremets Passionata

A layer of buttery Passionfruit Cream and tangy Raspberry Mousse sitting on top of a delicate, fluffy Coconut Dacquoise and encased with a Joconde Biscuit ‘sponge’. Ensuite.. finished with a handful of Wild Strawberries,  Raspberry Glaze and Pistachios.

I give this Raspberry and Passionfruit Cream cake two thumbs up!


5 thoughts on “Entremets Passionata

      • The base is a coconut dacquoise made with ground almonds, powdered sugar, flour and grated coconut folded into french meringue.

        The sides are wrapped with a Joconde biscuit sponge made with eggs, ground almonds, powdered sugar, flour, butter folded in with french meringue.

        The passionfruit cream has eggs, sugar, passionfruit purée, butter, gelatin and cream.

        Raspberry mousse is made with a purée, gelatin, sugar and cream.

        Those are the main components. That’s as much as I can post up without being sued by copyright laws. Sorry.

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