Somewhere over the rainbow… la la laaaa…


The little time I lived in Malaysia during my childhood bore many memories. Yes, I am rewinding the clock back to videocassette recorders, Atari, Space Invaders, chunky green computer screens… you get the picture. That’s right. The 80’s. Back then, my home town, Ipoh was only a small town with no high ways or shopping centres and our local grocery store was very much like a shack. Forget those high-tech barcode beepy scanning devices we now have at every supermarket check-outs. There weren’t even cash registers. Women with a note pad, pencil and speedy arithmetic maths was all there were. Now that I’ve painted an image of where I had come from now picture this: a hot and bothered (chubby) little girl in 30+ degreeC heat, beads of sweat trickling down her temples, popping open a waxy paper packet containing Streets Rainbow Paddle-pop. For a 5 year old it was pure bliss.

So when I was approached by Birthday boy, Guilliume to make a layered Rainbow cake for his party, I took up the project right away. The theme was very nostalgic – not just from the Paddle-pop but also from The Wizard of Oz and all things whimsical. I haven’t worked much with food colouring in all my baking years but I took on the project anyway and managed to whip these babies up…

Guilliume was lovely enough to invite me to his party (my first real local French party!) so I also had the opportunity to see the final result. Someone photo-bombed my picture and by that time of the night I already had 1 or 4 too many drinks to think I should have taken another photo for this blog. Oh well.

– serving the first slice of the cake: facial expressions = gold! –

– …a very bright slice of rainbow… –

– …with layers of coffee buttercream… –

…with dark chocolate buttercream…

– …and more dark chocolate buttercream… –

– saving the last piece for the Birthday Boy –

– Birthday Boy’s post party breakfast –

– A few Poloroid snaps to end the night –


4 thoughts on “Somewhere over the rainbow… la la laaaa…

  1. I’m am so loving what you’ve done with the rainbow cake, both the cake itself and the photo effects. Love it! I can’t stop watching. I’m addicted!

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